Mentor-Protégé Joint Venture

The Lunacon-Stellar Joint Venture delivers cost-effective Federal construction projects

Stellar and Lunacon Construction Group have joined in a Small Business Administration (SBA) approved Mentor-Protégé arrangement: Lunacon Stellar 1 LLC (DUNS  117438082). Our goal is to deliver high quality customer service through shared resources, mutual respect, collaboration and trust. Our combined portfolio of experience enables us to offer the Federal government a full range of design-build, construction management and general contract services for new projects, renovations, upgrades and retrofits.

The Lunacon-Stellar synergy represents a compatible fit for a number of compelling reasons. Both companies:

  • Have a history of commitment to successfully completing projects regardless of the challenges (Lunacon 13 years and Stellar 35 years)
  • Hold established reputations for placing our client’s best interests at the forefront during contract performance
  • Practice innovative, sustainable solutions that are cost-conscious
  • Have successful safety programs and low EMR rates
  • Ensure quality performance using formal 3-phase programs

Lunacon Certifications:

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