Food Engineering magazine "Sustainable Food Plant of the Year" award, 2021
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Todd Allsup, Senior Vice President, Business Development
Greenfield Food Manufacturing Plant

Cuisine Solutions Sous vide Protein Cook Facility

San Antonio, TX

Stellar designed and constructed this new facility located on 23.7 acres that includes approximately 315,000 SF of production and welfare space to incorporate sous vide cooking and processing equipment. The facility houses two distinct primary operations that include two raw material receiving and storage areas, two primary cook and chill areas, new primary and secondary packaging areas finished goods storage and shipping areas. The facility has the capacity to continuously cook and chill protein and egg products up to approximately 255,000 pounds per day. The refrigeration system is a skid-built ammonia system designed and installed by Stellar.

Construction involves deep foundation system, conventional steel framing, insulated metal panel (IMP) envelope and TPO membrane roof.

Challenges overcome by the project management team included development of and adherence to a fast-spaced schedule that enabled Cuisine Solutions to begin production as quickly as possible and satisfying the local Architectural Review Committee requirements.

This project is a proud recipient of Food Engineering magazine's "Sustainable Food Plant of the Year" award for 2021. Cuisine Solutions elected to include sustainable design features including:

  • Solar panels
  • Aggressive storm water management
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Traceable life cycle of products and materials
  • Bicycle racks
  • Local bus routes offering 70 drips daily to plant entrance
  • Natural coolant system, ammonia
  • Xeriscaping (local plant life in the landscaping) requires little water
  • 30% reduction in potable water use
  • Sous vide process saves millions of gallons of water annually
CSI TX 64 Reception 635 Px Wide
CSI TX 38 Process Line 635 Px Wide
CSI TX 48 Dry Storage 635 Px Wide
CSI TX 89 Conf Room 635 Px Wide
CSI TX 90 Process Line 635 Px Wide
CSI TX 95 Mech Room 635 Px Wide
CSI TX 96 Mech Room 635 Px Wide
CSI TX 27 Cleaning Station 635 Px Wide
CSI TX 88 Aerial Site 635 Px Wide
CSI TX 66 Tasting Room 635 Px Wide
CSI TX 78 Exterior Front 635 Px Wide
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Project Contact
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Todd Allsup
Todd Allsup
Senior Vice President, Business Development